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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's 3 days Until Christmas...

...So where the hell'd my holiday spirit go?  I've been trying to enjoy the season and get into the spirit, but it seems like that went away around the time that the stress started building up.  You know the old saw "a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part?"  My bosses (henceforth referred to as Minigoats, Old Man, and Phone- a- Boss) need to learn this.  Knowing full well that Christmas was next week, with Friday being a holiday, they schedule a report due Thursday.  One that requires serious overtime by two people to complete on time.  This wasn't because they didn't know the client's timeline (they did), or because the data wasn't collected (it was), but because they once again put it off to the last minute because they couldn't get in contact with one another.  So I'm having to work overtime and take work home on a holiday week and try to get this done quickly through a sinus infection because their planning skills are supbar. 

Today seems to be shaping up to be a  (introducing sarcasm italics here ----------->) wonderful day, full of charm and mystery and jackassery.  I got out of the house late.  Fine, dandy, my fault.  I had to stop for gas, which again, was my fault.  What cheesed me off so badly was at the gas station (might I point out here that I wore a dress because I didn't expect mother nature to pull one of her famous "winter morning, fall afternoon" stunts) where there was a couple of asshats who didn't know standard  gas station decorum (turn down you crappy music, I don't need to hear it from across the parking lot, pull all the way up to the furthest pump in line so others can use the other pumps, get off your damn cell phone if your talking abt your gyno appt, yadayada) and the pump I was using was busted.  Fine, dandy.  I drive over to another pump.  It declines my card because it was just used at the same station at a different pump.  I haul ass over to another gas station (with ma and pa ferguson out for a morning drive going 30 in a 50 taking their half out of the middle of the road.)  People at that one didn't know gas station decorum either, but I got my gas and got the hell out.  Got to work and I'm now pretty much sitting on my thumbs until the data input guy finishes up, then I have to put ALL that into my report.
I finished Kid's toy last night.  Kid is the child of Guy with Kid, a good friend in the middle of a not so amicable divorce.  I'll post photos later, but I'm somewhat proud of it.  I made the kid a stuffed picked up truck that looks very similar to his father's truck.  It's made of red fleece with black fleece tires and windows.  It has a bed that you can actually put stuff in and has velcro so you can lift and lower the tailgate.  The wheels don't actually roll like I was originally aiming for them to, and the wheels are REALLY too smally for the scale of the toy, but I wanted to get it to the kiddo by Christmas and my original plan to get the wheels to roll didn't quite work (note to self, pipe cleaners do not behave correctly as axles if you can't provide a sturdy connection to the wheel.)  BUT, it is soft and squishy, and washable, which is something that the matchbox cars I tried to sleep with when I was younger wasn't.
I think tonight, after going over to guy with Kid's house, I'll keep working on Niece's gift.

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